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Meet the Mistresses

Click on each Mistress's bio and image to learn more about her, her interest and things that she most enjoys during a call.


Once upon a time there was a little boi who loved all things girly. Corsets and lipstick; garters and pantyhose..

Call me: 800-730-3507

This is your Mistress Meredith and I am here to hold your soft hand and talk about "girl things."

Call me: 800-356-6169

So, pet, you want to be a girl . . . a woman? Do you think simply pulling on a pair of pink panties and speaking with a high-pitched lisp is going to be enough?

Call me: 800-730-3507

Sissy maids really are FAR superior to the rest of the sissies. Wanna know why?

Call me: 800-730-3507

Do you love wearing pretty panties and sexy bras? Guess what? Panty boys are a specialty of mine!

Call me: 800-730-3507

Do you think that being a woman is easy? Think again. What women subject themselves to can be quite demanding, but these are tasks that you'll need to learn if you're going to be a sissy.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Welcome to your sissy school. I am Mistress Marlena, and I will be your teacher, principle, and headmistress for your sissy training lesson today.

Call me: 800-730-3507

You are going to have to stay after class. There is something we will need to discuss.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Hello girlies! I'm sure you can tell by looking at me that I am very feminine, and I do love to shop!

Call me: 800-356-6169

So, you bought a pair of panties! Are you wearing them right now? Oh, did you think I didn't know they were for you? Don't be silly, you have sissy written all over you.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Hello my pretty little girl! I am Mistress Mandy and I am here to help teach you about ALL things girly and feminine. This is what you truly desire right…to be my pretty little girl?

Call me: 800-730-3507

I love teaching sissies how to prepare their body to look and become more feminine. Now, sissy, I want you to apply your makeup just as I showed you, not too little and not too much.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Do you like sexy lingerie and women�s clothing?

Call me: Appointments Only - Email Me

Come in and have a seat! Your vanity awaits you.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Here Sissy, Sissy, Sissy.................C'mon girlie boy, get your pussy ass over here NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Call me: 877-474-1933

Hello Ladies! Welcome to My beauty shop! I know that you have been experimenting and fantasizing about wearing women's panties and getting dolled up for quite some time...

Call me: 888-737-8345

Hey there little sissy! You look so cute in that pink floral dress and Mary Jane shoes.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Call me: 800-730-3507

It's obvious you want to start expressing your true self, but you can't just put on a bra and panties and expect to be a girl. No! You've got to work at being pretty and feminine!

Call me: 800-730-3507

Well, now, aren't you just a vision! Let me get a better look at you. You really are trying very hard to be the prettiest girl you can be, aren't you?

Call me: 800-730-3507

You dream about it... you fantasize about being expertly made up, wearing a long shining wig, dressed in the latest women's styles.

Call me: 800-730-3507

You adore being utterly feminine, and embrace your sissy makeover with enthusiasm enough to do any material Girl proud.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Ding, ding, ding! School is in session and Goddess Athena is your new sissy instructor.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Hi there, sissy boy! I'm Mistress Camlyn. I'm a fashionista from way back. And since you've had the good fortune to find me, now you will be, too!

Call me: 800-730-3507

Sweet, ruffled panties over a rosy-red backside. The swish of organza and clicking of high heels on polished marble. These are a few of my favorite things

Call me: 800-730-3507

Call me: 800-730-3507

Hello, little lady. You're so pretty! I love the nail polish you chose for your fingers and toes, and that barrette in your hair makes it glisten.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Some girls were just born with glitter in their veins . . . some boys too.

Call me: 800-356-6169

Hello sweeties! Miss Alexis is most delighted to hear of your decision to finally live out your dreams of becoming fabulously feminine! If you are like me, then the idea of ruffles and rhinestones puts a bit of spark in your flame.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Don't be shy and just relax. You'll be my sexy bitch.

Call me: 800-730-3507

How long have you known that you wanted to be completely feminized and turned into the perfect little sissy?

Call me: 800-356-6169

Call me Princess. I like to rub it in because you would love to be the perfect paragon of Princessdom that I am.

Call me: 800-730-3507

I am the Dean/Head Mistress of a special school cultivating sissies around the world.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Have you been rummaging through your wife's lingerie drawer again? Perhaps you have even gone as far as wearing her panties to work... feeling the cool, soft silky fabric against your wannabe clit all day long.

Call me: 800-730-3507

My name is Mistress Simone, and class is now in session.

Call me: 800-730-3507

I bet no one knows you like to wear something silky and frilly under that suit of yours, do they?

Call me: 800-730-3507

There you are, my sissy little girl! I've been waiting to talk to you!

Call me: 800-730-3507

A proper sissy is what I expect and require. No less will do. This takes time and effort on your part. You must be willing to submit to me, becoming the "girl" you've always wanted to be. I do not tolerate whining or back talk of any form, so be forwarned that such things will result in punishment.

Call me: 888-650-6789

I know you and your secret desires to be a real girlie girl. Sometimes you wear panties to work, and are so excited, yet so humiliated that you have done this. You have a secret place for all of your girly things.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Hello and Welcome!! My name is Mistress Alexandria and I will be your instructor, friend and confidant during your stay at Sissy School. To begin with, each and everyone of you have expressed a desire to be emasculated. Once completed, you will move on to Feminization.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Hello my pretty sissy boys. Are you like a virgin touched for the very first time and want to learn how to really play?

Call me: 800-730-3507

Call me: 800-730-3507

Hmmm....we have a lot of work to be done here. It's past time to receive a good quality education, don't you agree?

Call me: 800-730-3507

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Sissy . . . are you in trouble again? Report to the Principals Office . . . IMMEDIATELY.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Some of the mistresses might say that I'm a bad influence, because I make my sissy classmates do naughty things that I know will get them in trouble.

Call me: 800-730-3507

A popular costume seems to reappear every year at Halloween: Boys, dressing up as girls.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Pssst ...sissy girl.

Yes, you.

You’ve been lurking around outside Sissy School for a while now, haven’t you?

Call me: 800-730-3507


Do you like the soft, sensuous feel of that beautiful material against your skin? Of course you do! That's why girls love it so! Are you that slender effeminate creature that longs to talk about makeovers, panties, skirts, blouses, and let's not forget ladies - shoes!

Call me: 800-730-3507

Hey, you pretty little thing! Are you ready to experience true Grace?

Call me: 800-730-3507

It is my core belief that Women are far superior to men, so I don't blame men who long to be women.

Call me: 800-730-3507

You have a little secret, don't you? I know all about it. Let's start with what you're wearing under those very sensible pants. Let me guess the color; I'm willing to bet on pink.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Do your secrets consume you at times? Share them with me; make me part of your fantasies.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Think you have what it takes to make it to the top of MY class?

Call me: 800-730-3507

Put on your prettiest outfit and come play with Ms. Lilith

Call me: 800-730-3507

I'll dress you and make you up like a cock-tease. I'll take you to the local bar and pimp you out in the washrooms to any man who comes along.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Hi, sexy girl! Congrats on enrolling in Sissy School and welcome to your first day of class with me.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Are you ready to be a true sissy? Then attend sissy school and learn all you can. I’m Mistress Ryan and I’m here to teach you to be the naughtiest, sluttiest sissy you can be. I know that in the past you have denied who you truly are but now is the time to break free.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Welcome to your Fantasy-School, my little sissy. I am well aware of why you are here and exactly what you need from me.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Well, hello there, pretty girl!! Ohhh . . . are you not to that point just yet?

Call me: 800-730-3507

Ms Jordan is part of our new EnchantrixAuditions.com site

Call me: 800-730-3507

You can be my girlfriend, my panty boy, my little slut and my houseboy. All have a place in my world and I will use you like you want to be used.

Call me: 888-737-8318

Oh my, what do I have here? Are you taking a peek at what I have to say about Sissy Sluts like you? Well, let me tell you!

Call me: 800-730-3507

Call me: 800-730-3507

Hello you gorgeous thing you! Are you all dolled up in pink right now? Or are you dying to talk to someone as you get all dressed up?

Call me: 800-730-3507

Call me: 800-730-3507

For years, you have been doing it... secretly wearing those panties under your Armani suit....

Call me: 800-730-3507

When you were in high school didn’t you just drool to be part of one of those ‘girl’s only’ clubs? You know the ones where the girls wore matching sweaters and cute bobby socks (and you just know they had those adorable white cotton panties underneath!)

Call me: 800-730-3507

I love my sissy boys!

Call me: 800-730-3507

I admit it, I've been a sucker for sissies my whole life.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Here, pet, have a seat next to me at my vanity. Let's have a little chat, shall we? I've got a few questions for you, and I want you to look at yourself in the bright lights of my makeup mirror when you answer, and I want the truth in your eyes to reflect back at you.

Call me: 800-730-3507

Welcome darlings. I am Lady Cassandra, Emasculatrix extrordinaire. Are you ready for our odyssey into the world of forced feminization?

Call me: 800-730-7164

$2.50 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+