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We offer Sissy Training, Panty Boy Training, Sissification Training, Crossdressing and Feminization Phone Sex For Sissies, and Strap On Training for Sissy Sluts as well as Sissy Stories, Free Sissy Audio, Sissy Chat - and All Things Sissy!

All About Sissy School

Ms. Ally and all of the SissySchool Mistresses would like to take this opportunity to welcome Sissies across the world to SissySchool. At last, sissy - you've found your home on the Web. The Queendom of sissification. And it's very pink, very frilly, and very girlie.

Enjoy your crossdressing sissy training! And if you aren't searching for sissy phone sex, sissy domination, sissy cuckold training or sissy maid training at this time, feel free to browse and use the free sissy features that we offer to the sissy community. We have built the SissySchool exclusively for the sissy world, and we want you to become a part of our Girlie community of over 30,000 sissies. You can even learn about Sissy Pantyhose here at Sissy School.


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How do I Crossdress? We'll Show You How...

What is Sissification? What is a Sissy?

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SissySchool offers sissies, crossdressers and sissy maids many, many fun things to do, in addition to our sissification training, sissy maid training, coerced feminization, sissification stories, and Sissy phone sex services: we are much, much more than a sissy phone sex site (although if you are looking for sissy phone sex, you've found the best here!) - the Femdom Mistresses at Sissy School offer sissy phone sex training, training for pantyboys, coerced femimization, sissy domination, sissy maid training, and online sissy maid training.

Crossdressing Fantasies, Sissy Dreams!

Make sure to visit our newest Sissy Site, SissyVille, a blog just for sissies. This femdom sissification site is just starting out, but we're hoping, with the help of all our sissy and coerced sissy friends, that it will soon grow to be a wonderful collaborative project between Domination Mistresses and sissies - check it out, and join the sissification fun!

Sissies Going Out Dressed

One of the biggest steps in your sissy journey will be going out dressed as a sissy, otherwise known as going out "en femme". While you've probably had experience dressing at home as a sissy, you may be one of our many sissy friends who has not yet taken the leap to dressing as a sissy in public. If you need some encouragement for introducing your sissy self to the world, we can help!

We Will Teach You How to Be the Perfect Sissy Girl or Sissy Boy!

Come on in Pretty Sissy - Mistress Wants to Teach you a Lesson!

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Crossdressing Message Boards and Sissy Talk

Welcome to SissySchool! The Mistress of Sissy School offer many sissy and crossdressing services such as:

Sissy and Sissy Maid Training:

We offer online crossdressing sissy training, as well as telephone training for sissies. You may select one on one sissy training with the Mistress of your choice, or participate in our free sissy crossdressing chat for group sissy training.

Sissy phone sex:

SissySchool has been offering the best in phone sex for sissies, for over four years. If anyone knows sissy phone sex, we do! The Mistresses of Sissy School specialize in sissy phone sex and coerced feminization phone sex.

Crossdressing Story Audios for Sissies:

Sissy School is well known among sissies for its large and frequently updated collection of sissification and coerced crossdressing audios. Check weekly for new sissy audios in the Sissy School Feminization Audio Library

Sissy Stories:

Sissy School also offers a large collection sissy stories, sissy maid stories and feminization fiction, written by our Mistresses and contributed by our sissy visitors.

Sissy Training Chat Room:

As one of our favorite feminization websites says, "u r not alone!" Embrace your sissification, become the ultimate sissy maid, and make sissy friends in the Sissy School Sissy Chat Room

Sissy Training Message Forums:

This is where you will find the sissy audio library, sissy story collection, as well as many public forums where you can meet other sissies, panty boys, and sissy maids like yourself

The Sissy Husband:

A short essay written by Ms Ally on the subject of sissy husbands, married crossdressers and those who love them.

Telling Your Significant Other That You Are a Cross Dresser

Perhaps you are married, or you are just entering into a new relationship, and you have the desire to share to your loved one that you are a cross dresser. This is a tricky situation if you are not sure if the love of your life is open minded enough to receive your cross dressing ways. It all depends on how much cross dressing is a part of your life. Read more about how to tell your significant other that you are a crossdresser

Are You a Frilly Sissy?

Do you enjoy looking at pretty, frilly, lacy clothes? Do you enjoy wearing them and prancing around in them? Perhaps you are a frilly sissy.

Housewife Sissy

Have you dreamed of being the perfect housewife sissy? What does being a perfect housewife sissy entail? If you see yourself in that archetypical fifties style housewife – what do you first need to do? Read more about how to be a housewife sissy.

How to Be the Perfect 1950’s Housewife - for Sissies!

Lots of sissies want to be housewives, and lots of sissies also want to live that perfect lifestyle of dresses, and having dinner made on time and also having the perfect clean house. Even if this is just a fantasy for you, it’s still fun on what you could do to be a perfect housewife sissy for your Mistress, or your favorite fantasy man. Read more about how to be a sissy housewife 1950s style.

As a Sissy, How Do You Talk Like a Woman?

As a Mistress for sissyschool.com, I get lots of requests of how a cross dresser can talk more like a woman, or, how a sissy can be even more sissy by talking like a woman. This can be challenging, especially if you have a naturally gruff, manly voice – but with practice and voice lessons – you can get as close, or maybe even passable to having a woman's voice! Read more about how to talk like a woman

For Sissies and Cross Dressers: How to Make Your Hair Look More Feminine

Even if you have short hair (as long as it's not shaved), you can do a lot to make your hair appear more soft and feminine when you are cross dressing. If your hair is too short, give it time to grow so you can work with it and make it fit your sissy and cross dressing needs! Your hair does not have to be shoulder length, but it can have just enough length to it to making it feminine looking. Read more about how crosdressers can make their hair more feminine.

Cross Dressing: How to Make Your Eyes Look Feminine and Dazzling with Eye Shadow

When you are cross dressing and trying to be as feminine as possible, it's important to have the right make up, especially the right eye shadow. Eye make up can be the most difficult to accomplish and the most time consuming. Not only that, you are not sure what colors to pick out, let alone all the brands and what tools do you use? So what is a cross dresser to do? Don't fret! Read more about how you, too, can accomplish great eye make up with eye shadow!

Are You an Anal Slut?

Do you see everything as a potential item to put in your bum? Do you watch anal porn wishing it were you getting the hard fucking? Do you like to stay plugged for hours? Do you find yourself unable to cum unless you've got something up your ass? In that case, you just might be an anal slut. To find out for sure, read Ms. Constance's You Might be an Anal Slut if...



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